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Rent Debt Crisis

Listen to BBC Radio Kent at breakfast tomorrow to hear our Advice Services Manager, Jennifer Jadia, interviewed about the rent debt crisis.

Citizens Advice estimate that around half a million private renters have fallen into arrears. Nationally we are helping one person every 2 minutes with a private rental problem and have seen views of our rent arrears web page increase by 45%.

The eviction ban has been extended again until 31 March but Citizens Advice are calling on the government for a targeted financial package to support renters in the forthcoming budget.  Currently rent arrears in the UK are estimated to total around £1bn, this could take on average, 7 years to repay, leaving many renters with unmanageable debt at risk of eviction.  Renters need help with paying back arrears, allowing them to sustain tenancies and keep them in their homes.

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If you have built up rent arrears during the pandemic, our advice can help.  Click the link for more information online.

If you would like to speak to an adviser locally you can get in touch via the contact us page on our website.  Alternatively call our local Adviceline on 0344 848 7978 or email [email protected]

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